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"Brush with Art 2010
Raffle Winners "

Drawn at 5pm on
Sunday 21st November 2010

A list of prize winners.

This year's Arts Raffle prizes:
1. Studio Easel
(donated by Details )
Winning Ticket - 956 - F Buckley
2. Artist's Easel
(donated by Sylvia Giles )
Winning Ticket - 971 - Mr Richmond
3. £10 Framing Voucher

(donated by Castle Framing)
Winning Ticket - 226 - C. Garrett
4. £10 Framing Voucher
(donated by Castle Framing)
Winning Ticket - 851 - Mrs Hall
5. £10 Framing Voucher
(donated by Castle Framing)
Winning Ticket - 151 -Revd D. Snowball
6. Watercolour Book
Winning Ticket - 676 - Mrs Gow

7. Bottle of Wine
(private donation)
Winning Ticket - 766 - D. Cuskin

This year's General Raffle:
1. Christmas Cake
Winning Ticket - Orange 431 - M Herdman
2. Bottle of Whisky
Winning Ticket - Orange 361 - C.Garrett
3. Bottle of Wine
Winning Ticket - Pink 816 - J Huddleston

4. Bottle of Wine
Winning Ticket - Pink 171 - Mr Blackburn
5. Bottle of Wine
Winning Ticket - Pink 611 - I. Atkinson
6.Tin of Biscuits
Winning Ticket - Pink 911 - B Harrison
7. Vase
Winning Ticket - Pink 16 - J. Blenkinsopp
8. Spa Gift Tray
Winning Ticket - Pink 156 - Mr Blackburn
9. Box of Chocolates
Winning Ticket -Pink 221-Mrs Edmundson
10. Bottle of Wine
Winning Ticket - Pink 546 - Mrs Wise

Many thanks to all who supported the Art Exhibition, to all who exhibited paintings, to those who donated raffle prizes and to all who generously gave of their time in organising and running the event.

To claim prize please contact

01914876510 or
to arrange collection
(Ticket must be produced)

The Art Exhibition is supported by "Details". By clicking the links below you will be taken to their two web sites:-

For their information site




Photographs of this year's exhibition will be posted here shortly



Barbara Grant
Tony Montague
Judith Moffitt
Margaret Godfrey
Beth Wyer
Anne De Vries
Pam Maxwell
Sylvia M. Giles
Bill Ballantyne
F. O. Norwood
Anne Wallace
Brian Wilson
Val Anderson
Ian Anderson
John Purdy
J. W. L. Harrison
Paul F. Wilson
Ray Ball
David Park
Ian Gow
Thelma Lovett
David Baxter
Moira Clement
Barbara Maskrey
Pat Wright
Arthur Hogg
O. Jack
Malcolm Coils
Jan Smith
Mike Winward
Maria Burrell
Roger. F. Burrell
David Cockburn
J R M Faldon
R P Winn
A Clark
Angela Burn
Margaret Laws
Rachel Laws
James Richmond
Margaret Lavender
Joyce Clark
Miriam Forster
Maureen Brown
Ron Blackburn
John Hall
Brenda Brennan
Henry P. Rose
Margery Curwen
Eddie Snee
Gwen Armstrong
Jean Gebs
S. Shepherdson
C. Scott
Maureen Kings
K. Kings
Muriel Fisher
Maureen Scott
H.W. Furness
Paulene Chapman
Kath Jeavons
Angela Elliott
Peter Carr
Joyce Laidler
Peter Carr
Pat Thompson
Sylvia McQueen
Bob Ducker
J. B. Johnson
Jean Duffitt
Ada Carr
Fiona Buckley
Vera Henderson
P. Edmondson
Dom Cuskin
Allan White
Amina M. Evans

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